Accessibility courses opening in May to everybody

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We are opening a free course on the principles of accessibility and several more focused courses this May!

Accessibility in the Digital Society – Education launch event

We are opening to everyone a free course on the principles of accessibility. Come to hear what our education includes and why you should learn more about accessibility.

“Accessibility in the digital society” is a unique entity both on a Finnish and global scale. The study module deals with accessibility from several different perspectives and focuses comprehensively on several different areas.

During the event, in addition to the presentation of the education, the following speakers will reflect on the importance of accessibility and our education:”

  • Mari Walls – Tampere University President
  • Hanna Gorschelnik – Kieliasiantuntijat ry
  • Mark Häkkinen – Director of Digital Accessibility, PhD, ETS

More about the event on Tampere Universities website.